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With Michaele Goodson


Welcome! You have found your path to communication with the friends and loved ones who have left "this" world

 I feel the need to explain my point of view on spirits, ghosts, mists, etc. Nothing upsets me more than when an orb shows up in a picture and people believe they should be afraid.  The opposite is true, when we pass over to the other side, the first thing we learn is how to hold our energy into a perfect sphere. We no longer have a physical body to hold us together so we concentrate ourselves into an orb. Now, knowing this, never be afraid of an orb, these are spirits who have gone to the light, so they are not bad or negative. You will never see a black or grey orb, they are not possible, only those who have gone to the light can show themselves as orbs.

 Lets move on to ghosts and mists, ghost are those who are lost and did not, for some unknown reason choose the light if/when it appeared, the same for white or light colored mists. If you see a dark/black shadow or black smoke/mist then these are individuals who have choosen not to be apart of the light. Their dark color and form tells us they have choosen to be low/negative. Usually when we refer to an enity we are speaking of an energy that chooses to be negative and to bring others down with them. A demon is not a spirit that was once alive, I'm sure it is possible for a spirit to become demonic, but I do believe it is rare. I make this statement because a demon is totally devoted to anger, misery, and hate. People are not inherently evil, we do evil things, and think evil thoughts but our whole exsistance is not based around evil. If an evil person can love their mother or anyone or anything, then their whole exsistance is not evil. If love can exsist even the slightest bit, then evil has not won. 



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I was born in Ashtabula, Ohio in February 1965. I have four brothers and one sister. My parents were happily married until the passing of my father in 2013. Thinking back, I had my first spirit encounter at the age of nine. He was an older gentleman whom appeared in the bedroom I shared with my older sister (yes she saw him too), at first I was frightened but the next morning, after discussing it with my maternal grandmother, I began to learn that lots of spirits were lost and most were not "bad". This visit began my life long education in the many levels of existence. Soon I learned the differences between ghosts, orbs, mists, and shadows. With this knowledge came the realization that the spirit world is similar to our physical world. We have all types of people living various levels of awareness and spirituality which we retain when we pass over to the next level. I realized I have been given the gift to connect the people in the physical world with their loved ones who have moved-on. Their knowledge and guidance can be shared to help us live happier, fulfilling lives here on earth. This better prepares us to join the spirit world. This has become my life's work!

Ever since I was young and started having experiences with different spirits my grandmother taught me how to protect myself and those around me. She expressed the importance of knowing the rules of conduct for me and for the spirits.  I have tested the limits of these rules and believe me, so has several spirits. I believe these experiences of dealing with negative or selfish spirits has guided me into my preferred area of assistance . I prefer to help people who have regret, pain, guilt, or struggles when it comes to their loved ones passing. When I come accross a person and I see their loved one standing with them, my first question to the spirit is "Do they want to hear from you?" This is important to me, I never wish to force or blindside anyone with a message from the other side. I prefer for the living to seek out what they want/need and come to me on their own. I believe my gift is not for entertainment or fun. I pray that this gift brings resolution through answers and gives healing, and peace, which is exactly what the living need to move forward. I want "God's will to be done". This is why I may not be the medium for everyone. Some people want to just hear from their loved ones and to know they are watching over them( ok, we all do). There are people who can not navigate thru the steps of grieving due to negative emotions attached to the passing. Maybe they didn't get to the hospital in time, or there was an arguement around the same time, or maybe their loved one died under questionable cirumstances and not knowing is paralyzing. This is when my gift "shines". I actually ask for these issues to come before me, this is so important to me, that if I'm going to risk the scrutinty, then I want the message to have the maximum guidance for my clients.

 On a similar note, I choose to combat the negative forces, I am willing to cleanse houses and people to remove any negative energy and/or spirits from around them and their loved ones. This work is taxing, but to me the benifits, for all, are greater. There is no greater joy than for a person or family to feel God's love in their lives, either again or for the first time. We all have been to that gathering where we felt the negative energy all around, and it brings us down. If we don't cleanse our selves and our space then the negative energy just keeps accumilating and before we realize it, we become negative and emit that negativity. If you find yourself in this situation, (most do not know what to do to change it) then I can Help! It is easier to make positive decisions and changes in a clean enviroment. I've noticed that very few mediums are willing to deal with the negative aspects of life. I on the other hand, welcome them. 



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